About Our Bling

Our featured designs are created with spangles. They are sequin like, but without the holes in the middle. Spangles are shiny, weightless, and lead-free, which makes them a perfect alternative to rhinestones. Best of all, they bling like crazy and are absolutely gorgeous!

Spangles lay completely flat on the garment and are smooth to the touch. It almost feels like they are sunk into the fabric. As opposed to rhinestones, which are raised and often fall off the garments.

Our spangles come in holographic (bling) or matte finish.

Holographic spangles: Simply put, the bling is extreme and they are stunning!

Matte finish (non-bling) has a low sheen to it and looks really nice. The matte finish is a new alternative to traditional vinyl and is perfect for men or women who want a different look. 

See the attached pictures with examples of our holographic bling vs. matte finish. 

When our garment care instructions are followed properly, our custom apparel will last for years.